Last night, before going to bed, I was excited about my new home.  It was my first night staying there.  So when the time came, I curled up in my bed ready to go to sleep.  But then I heard this scratching noise.  I thought it was the cats so I yelled at them to get out of the window.  But I looked and it wasn’t them.  Elvira was in her carrier and Missy came running up the stairs then down the hall.  She was busy exploring the downstairs in the dark.  So then I started thinking it could be rats or mice.  So I turned on the lights and searched all over, looked outside the window.  I couldn’t figure it out.  So I laid there, staring at the ceiling, waiting to hear the noise again.  I never did hear it again.

Instead, I heard a howling outside in the yard.  I have a Coyote that lives out there.  I named him Wiley.  He wound up setting off some other dogs so it was now a serenade of barking and howling.  It scared Elvira and she insisted on wrapping herself around my neck like a scarf.  I kept trying to move her but she dug her claws into my shoulders.  I surrendered.

At some point, I must have drifted off because when Missy bounced off my legs and ran to the window, it was about 3:45am.  There was an Owl perched out on the roof of the garage.  It was hooting away, driving my cats nuts.  Elvira started making her bird calls and Missy was pacing along the bookshelves, knocking things off every so often.  I pulled the blankets and pillows up over my head.

And that is when my body decided to revolt.  My stomach started to make these weird grumbling noises.  I ran into the restroom and started throwing up.  I’m not sure if it was from the stress of moving or possibly food poisoning from the Burger King I had for dinner but my stomach was very mad at me.

When I finally managed to get things somewhat under control, I crawled back to my bedroom and curled up into the fetal position, hoping to fall back to sleep.

Just as I started to drift off, my alarm went off.  There was no point in hitting the snooze button.  Missy heard the alarm and was immediately in my face, ready for her breakfast.  As I got up out of bed and watched as Elvira curled up in the spot on the bed I had just vacated, I heard my stomach make the weird grumbles once again.

After bowing before the porcelain God for about twenty minutes, my stomach was empty and it was time to head off to work.  So now as I sit here with crackers and some ginger ale, knowing that I still have another load or two of stuff at the other house, I realize that this is going to be a very long day!