For the past few weeks I have been moving from a two bedroom, two bath 850 square foot apartment to a two bedroom, one bath 720 square foot house.  The fact that I am moving is nothing new.  I am quite the nomad.  But compared to moving across country, moving across town really sucks!

Right now, my pale ivory skin is now a color combination of black, blue and yellow.  The Endo pain is almost unbearable.  My fingers are blistered, a few of them have been sliced open from boxes.  My hips, knees and shoulders have large welts on them from moving furniture by myself.  My wallet is empty from all the gas money I have spent.  I was dumb and relied on friends to help one day (one trip with a trailer, that was it–total waste of my money) when I really should have just rented a uhaul truck and paid some illegals to move my stuff for me.  I would have been done by now.  But instead, I make two to three car trips a day–to the goodwill, to my classroom, and to the house.  And I have yet to figure out how I am going to move my fridge, recliner, desk and a few bookshelves that should have been moved two weeks ago.  But I still have four days left to figure it out–no pressure or anything.

On the plus side, my ass is really tight right now from all the trips up and down the stairs.  I am burning over 3000 calories a day, walking 14,000 steps (about 7 miles), and I have 4-5 hours of activity.  (Thank you Bodymedia Fit for my stats).

And it feels really good to downsize.  Moving into a smaller place means I have to let go of a lot of material items–clothes, furniture, etc.  I am now on a first name basis with the guy at the Goodwill donation center.

My Mom keeps asking me if I made the right choice–moving into a smaller, more expensive place.  Whenever I go back to the apartment to move something and I have to deal with the cigarette smoke, the loud music, and the millions of kids running around, my answer is “Hell yes, I made the right decision.”

This is the fresh start I have been looking for–and I get to help out a friend in the process.  My therapist said I look so much better–despite the bruised exterior.  So much weight has been lifted from my black and blue shoulders and it feels liberating.  So even though I am physical exhausted from moving (4 more days), my spirit is re-energized.