I don’t know why but I can’t get Neil Diamond’s “Heartlight” song out of my head.  The song is about the 80s film “E.T.”  I haven’t watched that film in the last few weeks so I can only assume that the song is in my head because of my current predicament.

Right now, I am sitting in bed, light-headed with abdominal pain (I wonder why?) and my head is throbbing.  My stomach is not liking me.  I suddenly hear the voice of Garth Algar saying “if you’re going to spew, spew into this.”  (Yes, my life revolves around movie, book and TV references).  My left eye just twitched, hopefully just a reaction to the thundering heartbeat of pain going on inside of my skull.  For a woman with Endo, this is the day I dread every month–the first day of my period.  (Sorry if this falls into the realm of T.M.I.).

My body gives me plenty of signs to let me know that the Endo fog is rolling in and settling into the Crescenta Valley for the next 7-10 days.  I have been moody all week and for the past two days, my diet consisted of Chocolate Bars and Veggie Straws.  Yep, this day was fast approaching, a few days ahead of schedule (better than being LATE!) and now it has arrived in all of its glorious splendor,`ready to unload ALL of its fury upon many unwilling victims who shall cross my path this week.  Hopefully some have heard the forecast and are seeking shelter from BRINKERWATCH 2011.
I was hoping that this month things would be a little better because I am beginning my new Endo treatment of Lo Orval 28 (I have the generic version Cryselle 28).  My new doctor, Dr. Templeman, told me that many women are successful with this treatment in managing the Endo.  Previously, I tried Yaz and that was horrible.  She said that she doesn’t prescribe Yaz to her Endo patients.  At my last appointment, she gave me a list of options on how to treat my current Endo status.  We reached an agreement to try a new drug therapy as opposed to injections (been there, done that) or surgery.  She wants to see me in 3 months to see how the Lo Orval is working.  Today is day one and all I have to say is . . . are you supposed to get all of the side effects in the first few hours?

The cramps make it difficult to stand up straight, my head hurts so much it is effecting my vision, my stomach hurts, I feel like I want to puke and I am very bitchy/emotional.  I feel the need to cry and I am not sure why.  (That rhymes). My friend says I need to eat something more than an Almond Joy and some Cookies & Creme Hershey Kisses.  I would if I had something else in my house.  I really want a pickle.  I don’t think I can drive.  I wonder if there is a Polish pickle delivery service somewhere.  Probably not here in LA–Hamtramack, maybe.

I think what I really need is Henry Thomas (aka Elliott).  He can call up E.T, — who probably has an iphone now or Skype–and ask him if he can turn on his heartlight that turns on his magical healing finger light then he can touch all my ouchies to make them all better.  (That wasn’t meant to sound dirty, I promise)  But alas, my life is not a Steven Spielberg directed Sci-Fi movie.  Instead I will just have to settle for some pain meds, a heating pad and some prayers to please make the pain go away.