A Quest for Knowledge: Part Two

>For weeks, I have been trying to do anything I can to learn more about myself.  I bought Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, Goddess Cards, Karma Cards, Astrology books and the like.  I even went to see a Psychic at the Psychic Eye Bookstore in Sherman Oaks.  In college, I did an article on psychics for the Daily Trojan and I remember going to the Psychic Eye Bookstore.  They were extremely helpful and the reading was spot on.  Once again, the psychic was spot on–even in her description of the candles that I have in my bedroom.

She told me that I have to look within to find the answers I am searching for.  I need to work on my self-confidence and rid myself of negative energy.  Ironically, all of my cards have told me the same thing–to look for signs, guidance, and rid myself of negative energy.  Some of the cards even told me to look toward crystals.  So I bought some crystals and gemstones to help me deal with the major issues in my life.

But today, well, let’s just say that I the signs were very clear.  Apparently I wasn’t understanding what the universe was trying to subtly tell me so they slapped me in the face with it.

Have you ever had a moment of pure clarity?  Well, I had that a few minutes ago.  I came across something that shocked me.  It was like being stabbed in the heart.  I cried and called my friends who offered to rush to my side.  I opted to spend time alone and reflect on my newfound wisdom concerning certain aspects of my life.  After shedding a few tears, it struck me–I have been here before and I survived.  I will survive again.  It is finally time to let go, let go of the negativity.  I am a very strong person and I need to start focusing on what is right for me.

So I will light my yellow candle rubbed in olive oil, listen to my chakra meditation tapes, and play with my cat, Missy.  “Tomorrow is fresh with no mistakes” and today will be the past.  It’s time to let go of the past.  I can’t change what has happened but I can learn from it and move on.

So, here’s to moving on!!!!

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