Last night, I had the weirdest inception-like dream.  For those who have seen Inception, or perhaps it is more accurate to say for those who have had their minds raped by Inception, they will understand what I am talking about.

In my dream, I was back in Michigan and a storm was brewing.  One of those dark, nasty storms where the sky turns black and foreboding.  I was outside of my parents house when in the distance, I could see a black funnel cloud forming in the sky.  The winds were picking up and my family turned and ran toward the house.  I stood there in a trance, watching the funnel cloud form into a tornado, touching the ground and heading straight for me–as if it’s mission was to destroy me.  I ran toward the house, through the garage and started heading into the basement as the walls of the house started to disappear.  I looked up and I was in the eye of the tornado, still on the staircase and staring up into the black, mesmerizing vortex.  My family was no where around.  I looked down the stairs and saw myself sleeping soundly in my California apartment.  I ran down the stairs and started screaming at myself.  “Wake up!  Wake Up!”  I could feel myself trying to wake up but I couldn’t.  My body was paralyzed.  I lifted myself up and started slapping my own face, screaming “Wake Up!”  I still couldn’t do it.  I flung myself onto the ground as the rest of my house was pulled up into the tornado.  I was on my stomach in the dirt, face down, trying to will myself to wake up.  I closed my eyes tightly.  When I opened them, I was in my bed, lying on my stomach, face down in my pillow.  I sat up to make sure I was really awake.  I could hear the rain pounding on my window.  I looked out the window at the black, clouded night sky, completely freaked out.  What the hell kind of dream was that?