I have been in Michigan for 2 weeks now and how much have I written thus far?  Nothing.  I wrote a few pages on the flight out here but I haven’t written a word since I got here.  However, I have had tons of drama, providing me with tons of material to write.  I have met and dealt with some interesting characters–some I am related to.  But I have yet to come up with a cohesive story.

Time to bring in the big guns!  Back when I was living in Reno, my roommate, Steve (aka Charles, aka Ryan), who is a writer as well, recommended the book by Karen Weisner, “First Draft in 30 Days.”  I purchased this book and used it to write a play–which I never finished.  Then I sent the book to Big, as a way to get him back into writing.  But it got lost via snail mail.  Since this book motivated me before, I headed over to Oakland Mall and purchased a new copy–as well as the follow-up book “From First Draft to Finished Novel.”

So I have managed to read the first two chapters–OK, the introduction and first chapter.  I am Up North, where I planned on relaxing and writing.  But instead I have been on the move.  Yesterday I spent the entire day up at Mackinac Island.  I took tons of amazing pictures but not a single written word.  So now I am hoping to get something done in my final week so that my Hot Dog won’t be mad at me for not making my 10 page quota.  But it is looking like I am going to have 10 pages that include brainstorming and a basic outline.

Wish me luck and let’s hope I won’t be presented with any further distractions!!!