Dishes used: 8 dishes
Matthew annoyance factor: Very Low
Fire Alarm count: Zero
Baby injuries: Zero

It’s been a while since our last Hungry Girl Night.  We have both have had a lot going on in our lives so tonight we decided to get together and make it an easy recipe night.

Since we loved the Holy Moly Guacamole so much, we decided to repeat the recipe.  I would have to say that this is one of our favorites.  I know I have made it several times on my own and I have even brought to social occasions.  Everyone always comments on how great it is.

7 Layer Burrito Blitz: (Hungry Girl original cookbook, Page 116, 277 calories)  This recipe was so easy.  We bought the ingredients, warmed up the soy crumbles, beans & tortilla then put it all together.  However we didn’t listen to the directions on how to roll the burrito, we did it the way we always do–tuck in the bottom then the side and roll.  This is a good size burrito.   We all enjoyed it and we would highly recommend this to anyone who craves a 7 layer bean dip.  We even got Matt to eat it.

Gooey Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Icing: (Hungry Girl 200 under 200, Page 36, 126 calories)  This was an OK recipe.  It doesn’t taste like a Cinnabon by any means but it is an acceptable dessert.  This is a recipe that we definitely want to try again but we want to do it our way.  We followed Lisa’s instructions but using a rolling pin on Pillsbury Crescent Rolls was a waste of time.  They are extremely elastic and every time we would roll it, it would slide back into the original shape.  It did give us the giggles trying to get it to roll out to her specifications but it never stayed. So we followed the rest of the directions but midway through the baking process, the cinnamon filling seeped out the bottom and some completely unrolled.  We thought we could try this two different ways.  One would be to use a muffin pan so they don’t unroll.  The other way would be to keep the crescent rolls in their perforated state, spread on the filling and spray butter then roll it like a regular crescent roll.  We care more about the taste them how it looks.  We’ll let you know how they turn out when we try this recipe again.

Overall, it was the easy, tasty food night we were striving for after the last few stressful weeks we have endured.