>I’m sitting here on my living room floor with my laptop, watching the film “Julie & Julia” on On Demand. Ironically, it is a film about a 30 year old stuck in a dead end job she hates. She aspires to be a writer and starts a blog as a way to fulfill her dreams.

Sound familiar? Ironically, like Julie, I was inspired to start my blog after a friend started his. Unlike Julie, I’m not writing about cooking but I started my blog for the same reasons–I was 30 and not where I thought I would be at this point in my life, watching all my friends drive toward their goals, all married or in serious relationships and some starting the baby track. Then there is me–THE SINGLE ONE. I’m single, I have a cat and a stuffed animal (my children) and a job I hate. Julie at least has a husband to love and support her. I have . . . my cat and a non-existent audience. But like Julie says in the movie, Julie & Julia (and myself) started writing because they felt lost. Writing helps you find yourself–whether it be a cookbook or blog.

Like I said in my earlier blogs, I don’t care who reads this. I’m doing this for me. And who knows, maybe some day people will start to read my blog, I will gain a following and I might actually get published. Of course, I need to be a little more disciplined and do what Julie did, set deadlines for myself. I have a head full of stories. I should make it my goal to write a story a week. My good friend Efren writes his blog every Sunday. Maybe I will strive to write every Wednesday–cause it is Hump Day (Dirty, I know). I think I will just do my best to get an entry out a week when the inspiration strikes me. And with me, inspiration tends to strike when I am watching a movie or reading a book. And since I am a teacher, sometimes during the week I am too tired to be inspired (woohoo, I’m a poet and I didn’t know it).

So I’m not going to set an exact deadline, I’m just going to commit to writing AT LEAST once a week, when the inspiration strikes me. Who knows, I might even wind up writing every day. I do make my students write a journal every day, I could certainly do the same.